Downriver International Premiere at Toronto International Film Festival

Downriver at TIFF

Downriver is to make it’s international debut at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film will screen in Discovery and marks Director Grant Scicluna as an international talent to watch.

This, from producer Jannine Barnes: “It’s an honour to be invited to screen at the Toronto Film Festival and in particular to be screened as part of the Discovery program. Discovery showcases hot new international directing talent and recognises the incredible passion and dedication it takes to get first features made. Downriver is the embodiment of this.”

Downriver screens at TIFF at the following times:
09/13/2015 7:00PM Scotiabank 6 (Press and Industry)
09/15/2015 7:15PM Scotiabank 13
09/17/2015 9:45PM Scotiabank 13
09/20/2015 9:15PM Scotiabank 3